The vision for the Entertainment World Limited started as an after school hobby when the founder, Rainier Lange, realized his potential in the business world.


In 2006 he embarked turning his hobby into a reality when he officially registered The Entertainment World Limited and created the first brand for the company,, which flourished as an evening job. became known widely among the young adult market for its unique style of photography, producing memories at premium events.


In 2012 Rainier Lange was given the opportunity to design and publish a Carnival Magazine for one of the newest and hottest all– inclusive band – Bliss after their explosive band launch. He surpassed expectations at the end of their 2011 presentation by innovatively reinventing the way to a traditional Carnival Magazine was viewed by changing the orientation from portrait to landscape, giving the customers a genuine souvenir that was more a Carnival Photo-Book than a magazine.


After venturing into uncharted territory and successfully producing a different style of magazine, Rainier Lange decided it was time to launch his professional photography brand, Rainier Lange Photography. Extending his field of specialty by going the extra length for his clients and meeting on their terms at their comfort instead of clients meeting in an office environment at an office house, something many executives, directors and managers cannot do.


During 2012 after the continued success of the Bliss Carnival Magazine and the ongoing success of Rainier Lange Photography the decision was made to reinvent The Entertainment World Limited and rebrand -to Trinistars– while also fulfilling the vision of creating a Carnival Magazine for Trinistars, showcasing the hottest Carnival Bands. These crucial steps in the company meant Rainier Lange would need to devote more time in the business in order for his work to be successful.


As such at the start of 2013, he made the bold step of leaving his full time job in the power protection industry to commence the reinvention of the company. A process that involved changing the direction of the company and launching another brand, propelling his dream and vision for The Entertainment World Limited.


The reinvention was set in motion during the 2013 Carnival Season when given the opportunity to produce the TRIBE Carnival Magazine while also preparing the inaugural publication of the Trinistars: The Carnival Experience Magazine.


At the end of the 2013 Carnival Season, The Entertainment World Limited revamped the TRIBE Magazine and continued to flourish with the production and publication of three of the best Carnival Magazines. (Bliss Savage Beauty: Beautiful and Deadly, Trinistars The Carnival Experience 2013 and TRIBE Butterflies, Beasts, Bacchanal.


Rainer Lange always believed that the key to success is proper infrastructure which is why with five successfully published carnival magazine and over ten years experience in the field of Power Protection he initiated the second phase of the reinvention with the introduction of the brand TEW Power. TEW Power specializes in the Sales and Servicing of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Line Conditioners and Sales of Stationary Batteries to protect all the electronics that power your life.


Following the 2014 Carnival Season when the current brands (Trinistars, Rainier Lange Photography and TEW Power) were on stream and thriving, it was proposed to launch a brand focused on Design to compliment the services Trinistars and Rainier Lange Photography  offered. As such TEW Design was launched.


To date all four brands continue to expand as the vision for The Entertainment World Limited continues to grow.